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About Our Employees


Our field employees are the keys to our success.

Custom Underground, Inc. has a core workforce of about 100 field employees.  Through our extensive contacts in the industry, this workforce can easily and rapidly expand to meet our clients' short and long-term needs.  Our workforce is fully mobile - ready to work anywhere in our home territories, and also further afield.

Our field employees have an average of ten years of experience in utility construction, making them one of the most qualified groups in our industry.  Many of our employees have unique skills, such as aerial work or concrete construction.  Most carry CDL driver's licenses.  Custom's splicing crews have extensive experience with  copper and fiber splicing in both line and management roles.  This strong base of experience gives us the know-how and creativity to successfully tackle some of the toughest challenges in our business. 

We conduct thorough pre-employment background checks, including pre-employment drug screening.  We also conduct random drug screening of our workforce, and every employee must adhere to our Code of Conduct. 

All of our field employees participate in our Safety Education program, which helps to control jobsite risk for employees and clients alike.  We conduct annual, mandatory safety meetings and periodic toobox meetings, but we also use innovative methods including online videos, payroll stuffers and other means to help our employees stay safe on the job.  Each year, several of our employees also complete OSHA's 10-hour training course. 


Our administrataive staff supports our field employees to provide seamless, unparalleled service to our clients from start to finish.

Custom's administrative staff is skilled in marking as-builts, maintaining cable inventories and working with proprietary billing and project management systems.  We use state-of-the-art systems such GPS tracking, electronic document storage and transfer, and in-field computers. 

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