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Construction Yard - Edwards, Illionois


We have  three fully-equipped construction yards strategically located to serve a three state area in the Midwest.  Each construction yard has a complete inventory of equipment, including digger-derrick, power rodder, hydro-vac, and Telsta aerial trucks, bore machines, backhoes, crawlers, cable plows and trenchers.

Each yard also has an on-site maintenance and repair facility staffed by full-time mechanics. 

From our yards, we can dispatch crews and equipment to job sites in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, responding to routine and emergency call-outs with promptness and efficiency.  We also maintain short-term staging areas for equipment and tools to facilitate our response to specific projects.

In addition to the construction yards, Custom maintains a corporate office in Edwards, Illinois.  Each of the construction yards is linked digitally to the corporate office.  This ensures maximum efficiency and accuracy in initiating, tracking, billing and finalizing jobs for clients.



Directional Bore Machines


Solid rock, sand and everything in between. We have the directional drill to do the job. 


We have over 25 Vermeer directional bore machines, which range in size from D7x11 to D60x90.  Each year, we invest in drills with the latest technology, so that we can be at the cutting edge of capability, efficiency and safety. 

We also have an extensive stock of drill rods, drill heads and accessories  - because you can never be 100% sure what conditions you'll run into underground.   

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Backhoes, Loaders and Crawlers


We can move mountains.  Literally. 



Custom has an extensive inventory of backhoes, loaders, crawlers, trenchers and other digging and earth-moving equipment.  Most of our equipment is manufactured by Case, an industry leader for reliability and durability.  Each piece of equipment has its own trailer for maximum mobility and flexibility in the field.


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Splicing Equipment


Let's make a connection.  


Custom's team of splicers access to state-of-the art equipment for copper and fiber splicing, including mini-mass fusion splicers, fiber blowing equipment and dedicated cargo trailers. 

Because we have our own equipment and an experienced team of splicers, we don't subcontract splicing work as many other contractors might.  We believe our approach results in the best product quality and the fastest service for our customers


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Specialized Equipment


Because you never have what you need when you need it, we made sure we have it all. 


Experience has taught us that you don't know what you need until you need it.  So over the years, we've acquired the specialized equipment lets us provide our clients with a wide range of services for unique - often emergency - situations.

Here's some of what we can offer - large-scale excavation, hydrovac services, tree trimming services, power rodding and power potholing.  So while are competitors are waiting for a subcontractor to arrive, Custom is already working. 

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