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We know we haven't seen it all, but in 33 years on the job, we've seen a lot.




We've worked thousands of jobs, ranging from single bores to multi-million dollar builds.  The wide range of our experience and sheer volume of work we complete means that we've encountered our share of challenging and unforseen situations.  

Whether it's a huge boulder, deep underground and directly in our bore path, or snagged conduit under a river bed, or a freak storm that requires rapid response, we take pride in developing creative and effective solutions to the problem at hand.

Please take a moment or two to review some of our most memorable projects!




case studies/projects

Large Builds

Verizon Fiber-To-The Premise

We were fortunate to have been selected as a prime contractor for Verizon's FTTP build.  When the northern Indiana communities of Fort Wayne and New Haven were selected for FTTP service, we were ready.


Over the course of six months in 2005, from April 1st to October 1st, we installed approximately one million feet of aerial, buried and underground fiber in the greater Fort Wayne area.  Our tasks involved construction and fiber splicing, termination and testing.  To complete the effort, we mobilized over 125 experienced employees, drawing from our existing workforce and also hiring locally.

We established a fully-equipped construction yard in Fort Wayne and found semi-permanent housing for employees.  We were then able to rotate employees in and out of the work area as the need for different skill sets arose.  Our supervisors scheduled crews so that the tasks of constructing, placing, splicing, testing and restoral could be accomplished in the most efficient manner possible.  

Back in the office, we learned a new billing system and designed procedures to ensure that as work was completed, prints were marked and status reports were up-to-the-minute. Our on-site admin personnel worked closely with the staff at our home office to make sure that our paperwork was both timely and accurate. 

The challenges of this job were numerous, not just due to the scale of the task and the time frame.  The effort required close coordination and communication with our own crews, public officials and Verizon personnel.  We also were aware that we were working in dense residential areas -  with current and potential Verizon customers.  Our goal was to complete this large endeavor on time, on budget, with minimum disruption and a great deal of respect for the residents of these beautiful and friendly communities. 




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Please check back with us soon!  We will be adding and changing case histories on a regular basis. 

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